Starfish Dreamcatcher with Swarovski Crystals! Unique Design. Handmade.


This By the Sea Starfish Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher Dreamcatcher Creation is Just Adorable and You will get a Ton of Rainbows from all the Fun beads and Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Starfish! Enjoy watching this suncatcher twirl round and round watching all the wonderful rainbows it creates in your car or your home in a sunny window if you like.

It’s also a one of a kind creation!

No Seed Beads Used!

These take a bit of time to make and it's very unique!I love suncatchers and dreamcatchers. I thought it would be the perfect match to add some crystals to a dreamcatcher. Though not a traditional dreamcatcher it’s a fun design with this adorable handmade by me design. Hang it around your Rearview Mirror or on a sunny window in your home.

Some a pretty charms and beads on the suncatcher:Shells, Silver Turtle, Green and Gold Starfish charms, Sparkly Beads, Vintage Lucite Shell Beads, antique gold shell charm. The center Crystal is a Swarovski Crystal AB Starfish size 28mm - (1")

Hanging beads from the ring are Swarovski Crystal Beads.Blue leather wrapped on metal ring, wrapped again with gold wire, beads and charms.

The ring size is 4” diameter. A 4”. A Gold Chain with a lobster claw is attached so you can hang this in your car or home. Suncatcher is approx 12" long.

Beautiful Rainbow 🌈 Maker.

Perfect Gift for many occasions. Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Grandmothers Gifts, Graduation.Will be wrapped up pretty, perfect for gift

Thanks for visiting my shop today….sparkle with all your heart ♥️ Kat

Crystal Beaded Gold Dreamcatcher Suncatcher, Crystal Starfish

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