Swarovski Crystal Beads, the finest crystals in the world. This listing is for one bead. Choose color left to right. Both Crystal Colors and Pearl Colors Available.

BeCharmed Large Hole Swarovski Crystal Pearls will fit Pandora Style Bracelets. Add birthstone colors to your bracelet or your anniversary color or favorite color at a fraction of the cost. Originally when I purchased these beads was about 4 years ago. I have had them tucked away in the original boxes. When I moved I never took them out to do anything with them. Now I need to de-stash my massive bead collection and I am offering them cheaper than anywhere I can find so I can clear out my bead collection. 

BeCharmed pearl beads bring together several popular design elements--large-hole beads, the soft glow of a crystal pearl and the renowned quality from Swarovski. The BeCharmed pearl is a contemporary bead with stainless steel grommets, signed by Swarovski and designed for instant Add A Bead creations.

Large Hole Crystal Colors come in so many colors. I am making birthstone and anniversary bracelets with them. I will have them posted soon, but you can see by the sample photos the very bracelets I am making with these beautiful beads. If you are only interested in one bead that is fine or if you are interested in many beads that is great too. 4.5mm inside diameter will fit on pandora style bracelets. You will love the sparkly crystal beads. Swarovski Crystals are the finest beads in the world!

The crystal style is both round and helix shape. Look at the sample photo to see which are round and which are helix, both are gorgeous. 

BeCharmed pearl beads work great with caprice chain, cord and leather and feature 4.5mm inside diameter stainless steel grommets for long-lasting, interchangeable style.

Sample photos shows one style I have made with the large hole beads. Beautiful Birthstone Bracelets.



~~~The Crystal Style~~~

Black (Great for Elegant Style)

Amber Helix (Great for fall) also December Birthstone

Red Magma (Great fall color)

Clear (April Month Birthstone)

Aqua Blue (March Birthstone)

Zircon Blue (kind of light teal looking) (December Birthstone)

Demim Blue (Casual)

Sapphire Blue (September Birthstone)

Peridot Green (August Birthstone)

Light Amethyst (June Birthstone)

Amethyst (February Birthstone)

Rose (October Birthstone)


~~Pearl Colored Beads~~





White (Also June Birthstone)



Vintage Gold


You can add these beads to your own Pandora Style Bracelets or you can have me make you a custom bracelet perhaps for a birthday birthstone breacelet, Anniversary, Family Bracelet.

Click Here to Order a Custom Made Bracelet and View my section of Beautiful Bracelets.


Have a Blessed Sparkly Day! Blessings ~Kat

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