This Cross Suncatcher/Dreamcatcher is a beautiful unique gift.

Though not a traditional dreamcatcher it is half suncatcher and half dreamcatcher.

Suncatcher is 12" long.

This is a unique beautiful design. No seed beads used.

Swarovski has stopped making their elements. No shapes to make suncatchers with anymore. This has directed me to be even more creative and think up my own shapes using all my leftover Swarovski Crystals.

I wanted to make a cross. Lots of them. So I started messing around with beading wire and bead shapes to come up with a design I liked.

I made them with Swarovski Crystal AB Round Beads and Diamond Shaped Beads.

I have them for sale in my shop without the dreamcatcher ring as well.

This is going to be very sparkly and give off lots of rainbows in the sun with all the crystal AB Swarovski Crystals and other crystals.

This is a great Suncatcher/Dreamcatcher for your car or your home.

What is AB beads? (Aurora Borealis) and it's one of the most popular Swarovski® crystal coatings. It gives off a beautiful shimmering rainbow, or mother-of-pearl effect. These special coatings are bonded chemically to the outer surface of the Swarovski® crystals for a more brilliant effect.

The cross is 2 3/4 by 2”wide arms and hangs inside 4” diameter dreamcatcher ring.

The yarn loop is 3” long. I can make it longer for you if you like. The ring is wrapped in white cream yarn with a 3” long loop making the suncatcher 10" Long total length with beads hanging from the bottom of the ring.

The cross is made entirely with Authentic Swarovski Crystals. White Crystal AB crystal beads are wire wrapped around the ring.

Looks really elegant and a strand of Swarovski Crystal beads hang from the ring.

Beautiful Rainbow 🌈 Maker

Perfect Gift for many occasions.

Memorial and Memory Gifts. Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Grandmothers Gifts, Graduation, Pastor and more.

Will be wrapped up pretty and perfect for gift giving.

Thanks for visiting my shop today….sparkle with all your heart ♥️ Kat

Dreamcatcher Suncatcher Cross Car Crystal

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