Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Beaded Crosses for Your Home or Car.

These crosses are completely handmade using Swarovski Crystal beads and wire.

Imagine starting your day with a sweet handmade Christian cross suncatcher made with Swarovski Crystals to remind you of the Love God has for you or someone you love. These are perfect for the car because of the size and the price is out of this world.

Swarovski has stopped making their elements. No shapes to make suncatchers with anymore. This has directed me to be even more creative and think up my own shapes using all my leftover Swarovski Crystals.

I wanted to make a cross. Lots of them. So I started messing around with beading wire and bead shapes to come up with a design I liked.

I made them with Swarovski Crystal AB Round Beads and Diamond Shaped Beads.

I also had a lot of round clear crystals to use and so I made the crosses with both clear crystals and crystal AB.

So even though the same design I used All Crystal AB beads on one cross and the other a mix of both crystal AB and clear crystal.

One is made with all crystal AB beads. Here is an explanation of what crystal AB is:

What is AB beads? (Aurora Borealis) and it's one of the most popular Swarovski® crystal coatings. It gives off a beautiful shimmering rainbow, or mother-of-pearl effect. These special coatings are bonded chemically to the outer surface of the Swarovski® crystals for a more brilliant effect.

Crystal is clear beads without the coating. This is the second cross I made. See sample photos.

On the second cross I used crystal clear round bea