Sterling Silver Custom Square Bead Letter Family Birthstone Bracelet for Daughter, Mom, Grandma, Wife and Friend Crystal Birthstone Birthday.

Choose up to 7 Letters, This is a real sterling silver square letter bracelet. 9.25 Sterling Silver an Heirloom Bracelet. Double Strand Bracelets Available. Another bracelet similar to this is available in my online shop. See the Jewelry Section.

A Charming custom made name/family and birthstone bracelet made with Authentic Swarovski Crystals and Made in America Square Sterling Silver Letter Beads. When you purchase from me these custom name bracelets with the square sterling silver beads you support American workers who make the beads and you support a hand crafter like me!

Sterling Custom Square Bead Birthstone Bracelet

SKU: CB-Design1
  • This bracelet is made with larger 1 Large 8mm Pearl on each side and is 6mm Swarovksi Crystal Pearls. One Pearl on each side is incased in the sterling silver bali bead cap. 6mm size crystal colored beads for the (birthstone colors).

    For clasp choice there is a heart, round or lobster claw with adjustable chaine whic are sterling silver.

    You can choose one of the sterling silver charms for a more charming bracelet. The mom charm, Mother Daughter Charm and the Smooth Heart Charm are no additional charge, or you can upgrad Nana or Grandmother.  

    In this sample the name Debbie with a heart is used for the sample, (Thank You Debbie) a customer of mine, and the other sample the word Love with a heart is used and 9 birthstones one for each family member.
    The Debbie bracelet is an average wrist size of 7 1/4" so that is how it will look for a smaller wrist.
    Another sample shows a larger wrist bracelet size 9". There the stones are unevenly placed to get in all the family birthstones. However the word or name of your choice can be set to the right or left or in the center as I have shown in that sample. You would need to contact me for that choice or write it in a note box at checkout.

    This bracelet is made with Professional quality beading wire and sterling silver crimp beads.
    All the silver beads are sterling silver round smooth, sterling silver bali bead caps, spacers.

    Please Contact me for Help or Questions about this Bracelet, or use the drop down boxes to order yours today! You will need to include name and all crystal colors. 

    Name to be on Bracelet = (up to 7 Alphabet Letters and can include a Cross Square Bead or Heart Square Bead)

  • ~~Measure Your Wrist~~
    You will want to measure your wrist or your family or friends wrist. This is important if you do not know their wrist size and it is a normal wrist, choosing the lobster claw with adjustable chain is a good option. If there wrist is large, it would be better to measure it.
    Here is how to measure a wrist, take a measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist snug then add 1" to that measurement and that is your bracelet measurement. 
    This listing is good for a wrist size of 6 1/2" to 8" size wrist. If you need larger you can raise a custom order.
    If you do not have a measuring tape you can use a piece of string and cut it snug around your wrist and lay it on a ruler and find out your wrist size that way as well, be sure to add 1" to that measurement. 

    Please Allow up To 24 Hours for me to Contact You, this does not include Saturday or Sunday, if you purchase during the weekend you will hear from me on Monday.
    Please allow 5 business days for your heirloom bracelet to be ready. Use priority for faster shipping, you can make the shipping choice you want at checkout.

    ~~Birth Months~~
    January Garnet

    February Amethyst

    March Aquamarine

    April Crystal

    May Emerald Green

    June Light Amethyst

    July Ruby

    August Peridot

    September Sapphire

    October Rose

    November Topaz

    December Blue Zircon

    Other Colors could include your favorite colors instead of a birthstone color. I have many colors, but here are a few favorites, Purple, Violet, Red, Black, I also have white crystals, pure white Swarovski Crystals, Pure white is not the clear crystal, but a real white color.

    ~~Double Strand~~

    If you need more crystal stones and names a double strand bracelet can be made for you which is called a double strand bracelet with crystals and pearls for an additional $65.00 and with up to 6 sterling silver cubes. Just put this bracelet into your shopping cart twice and there is a note section in the shopping cart at the bottom. You can write in there you want a double strand and any other notes to me. You can also wait until you get your order and then email me as well.

    Please Contact me for Help or Questions about this Bracelet, or use the drop down boxes to order yours today!

    Have a Sparkly Day! Blessings ~Kat