A beautiful gold or silver larged winged Crystal Angel with any custom name or phrase you want!

Please Note

Angel skirt has been changed. I am no longer able to get skirts shown in most of the photos. See new photo I added.


The angel is made with Asfor Crystal AB and this crystal is in no way less beautiful than a Swarovski Crystal, believe me I know. I have been selling Swarovski Crystals for a very very long time. I wanted to try these and I'm very impressed with the Crystal AB. The Crystal AB gives off a lot of rainbows. I totally love love love it.


The angel is suncatcher is 7 1/2" long on the beading wire, you can hang this in your car or anywhere you like. A lobster claw is attached. This is the length for the angel with the word Angel. The more letters added the longer the suncatcher will be. The less letters the shorter the suncatcher will be. However the shortest I can make this angel is 6 1/2" so extra crystal beads will be spaced between words or names to keep the length at least 6 1/2" long on the beading wire for hanging.


The crystal is size 38x13 or 1 1/2" long, AB faceted point body crystal.

The angel gold halo is Swarovski Crystal Studded

The angel silver halo is Swarovski Crystal Studded

The crystals on the bead strand are Swarovski Crystals

The heart beads are ceramic.

Each Angel comes with a heart bead.

Face Pearl bead is a Swarovski Crystal.

I used silver pearl beading wire and a silver or gold lobster claw. Silver for silver Angel and gold for the gold angel.


Please type in the box below the name or phrase you want. The number of beads you choose for the name must be selected from the drop down box and must match.

For example if you want the word mommy you must have chosen in the drop down box 5 letters. A heart bead will be added to the top of the strand.


About Crystal AB What is it?

~What is AB beads?

(Aurora Borealis) and it's one of the most popular crystal coatings. It gives off a beautiful shimmering rainbow, or mother-of-pearl effect. These special coatings are bonded chemically to the outer surface crystals for a more brilliant effect.


Suncatcher comes in a gift bag, may be different from sample photo.


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Silver Wing or Gold Wing Custom Name Heart Beaded Crystal Suncatcher

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