Imagine waking up each morning to beautiful rainbows!

3 colors in 30mm.

Suncatchers for Car or hang wherever you like!

This is the cream of the crop Swarovski Crystal Strass Ball! Available in several colors, Sapphire Blue, Antique Green, and Crystal AB.

This Crystal Ball is the most expensive Swarovski Crystal Ball because it has the most fantastic facets 8558 and is Strass logo etched by Swarovski.

The beaded strand is 14 beautiful strass logo etched octagon beads in a double rainbow cluster and on top of the cluster various colored round beads.

I use different variations for each color round beads on top depending on what is in my bead box.

Suncatcher comes in a gift bag.

4 Colors Double Rainbow Crystal Ball Sun Catchers, Blue, Violet, Green, Crystal

SKU: CrystalBallsRainbows
  • The Sample Photo of me Holding the Crystal Balls, the Strand is actually not that long. The length of the Suncatcher is stated in this listing.

    The suncatcher comes in a organza drawstring bag. Makes a perfect amazing gift! or something just for you to hang in your car or home! the last photo is a (Sample Photo of Another Suncatcher, it shows you what the top will look like so you can hang this sun catcher in your car with the lobster claw. This will make it easy to hang in your car.

    The sample photo that shows all the different colored crystal balls the larger are the 30mm size, those are the ones used to make this double rainbow.

    Swarovski STRASS 8558 8 rows of facets the rainbows are just amazing!
    32% leaded crystal and Logo etched by Swarovski. I sell only the finest crystals available, not the cheaper unleaded or other series with less refractions, these crystal Chandelier faceted crystal balls are truly the best and throw our more refractions than the other crystal balls. No matter what you've read, it is really true! I know because I have seen the others and the difference it unmatched. 

    The cost for this suncatcher is truly worth the extra cost compared to the others I have seen in the cheaper crystals, you won't be dissapointed. 

    Have a Sparkly Day! Blessings ~Kat