Beautiful Antique Silver Angel Wings Swarovski Crystal 20mm Ball Suncatcher to hang in your car rearview mirror or home in a sunny window anywhere you find a spot that sun will shine and create rainbows for you.

The Angel wings are approx 2" tall, 2 1/2" wide approx.

The Swarovski Crystal Ball is Clear.

Above the beaded strand is a Swarovski Crystal Pink Heart Bead. I've had these beads in my bead box for a long time. It was time to get them back out and make something special with them.

The diamond shaped beads are Swarovski Crystal AB diamond shaped beads.


The kids love the rainbows moving about the car! They get really really excited!


Length is 6" Long and can go around your cars rearview mirror with a lobster claw I have attached.

Please view all photos. The back of the angel wing is not the same as the front. It looks fine though, however I just want you to be aware that it is not exactly two sided. 

~~Crystal AB Explained~~
***About Crystal AB What is it?***
What is AB beads? (Aurora Borealis) and it's one of the most popular Swarovski® crystal coatings. It gives off a beautiful shimmering rainbow, or mother-of-pearl effect. These special coatings are bonded chemically to the outer surface of the Swarovski® crystals for a more brilliant effect.

Beautiful Gift for Mother's Day, Christmas, Love, Romance, Valentine's Day, Weddings, Birthday's, Memorial Gifts, Baby and More!

-Why Swarovski-
Swarovski vs. Chinese or German Crystal, Cubic Zirconia. Find out why Swarovski Crystal is the finest Crystals in the world, everything else is inferior in quality. You have heard the saying "You Get What You Pay For" when it comes to Crystals that is completely factual. I have written only a small section about Swarovski Crystals, but I could write so much more...


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The suncatcher comes in a cute organza drawstring bag. Makes a perfect amazing gift! 

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Pink Heart, Antique Silver Angel Wings Swarovski Crystal Ball Rainbow Suncatcher

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