☆---Beautiful Large Crystal Cluster Starburst Cluster for Home ---☆
Dancing Rainbows.....this 10" Long sun catcher to hang in your home will dance with lovely rainbows across your room when the sun hits it and the kids will laugh and giggle, the cats will chase them.
Made with very large 28mm Swarovski Crystal AB Octagons, these are large fat Octagon beads made into a lovely sun catcher to hang in your home, over the cluster are 4mm Diamond Shaped Crystal AB beads on the strand, with 2 larger Diamond Shaped Beads over the top of those just above the cluster.
Imagine waking up each day to beautiful rainbows dancing about your home!
This sun catcher really throws out a lot of rainbows and refractions. I just love it.


2x2" Starburst Cluster. See Sample Photo of Me Holding the Starburst.


Some Information About this Crystal AB Beads:
Swarovski's AB effect, named for aurora borealis the northern lights, is a term for crystal stones that have a highly iridescent surface, such as Crystal AB. Created by Swarovski in 1955 in collaboration along with the fabulous iridescent surface, this Swarovski drop are incredibly faceted for fabulous sparkle.

Check out #4 photo to compare the size of these 28mm Swarovski Strass Octagons to the 14mm Size Octagon beads and the 12mm Octagon beads. I use the 14mm for most of my angel wings on the angel sun catchers.

All Beads Used are 100% Swarovski Crystal Beads!

Sun catcher comes in a drawstring bag. This is a wonderful gift!

Have a Super Sparkly Day! ~Kat

6 Point Large Crystal AB Starburst, Star Crystal Suncatcher, 10" Long Home Decor

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