Super cute Keychains with tassels and pompoms and personalized names and handmade angels, Black Angels, Pink and Blue Angels and Many other Colors. More Angels on another Page. Your custom name, bead colors and pompom tassel colors.


I used matte Swarovski Crystal Pearls, they come in the following colors, Blue, White, Pink and Yellow and Pastel green. These pearls are all pastel colors. They range in differnt sizes so I have to use the sizes I have available in each color. You can have them mixed if you like. The white ones are not matte, they have a slight shine to them.

I am getting black in a few days I hope, for now I won't add it to the list.

I do right now have Swarovski Crystal Black Pearls but they are shiny. I will add those to the list for now if anyone would like black and don not care if they are shiny or not.

Alphabet Letter Beads are Acrylic Round Beads which are a high end form of plastic, they are not the children's plastic letter beads you find in the childs craft dept. I use top of the line jewelry products and fibers and keyrings.  The letter beads color will not fade off like the children's beads. The beads are much more sturdy and elegant. Choose if you want Black or Colored.


Choose your angel from this page or (click this link) .... to view some others  you can choose from. Put the number of the angel you want in the information box. The page with the link are angels made into earrings, however I can remove them from the earwires and add one onto the keyring. You will not have to purchase the earrings, I will just simply use the angel of your choice for your keyring from this page or the earrings angel page. I will take off one angel from the earrings and make your custom keyring this way you will have lots of choices!

The angels with the clear crystal faces are slightly higher in price by just a tiny bit. 


Choose the color pompom tassel you want or the pink tassel. 

The colors of the pompom tassels are black, green, teal and yellow. The tassel without the pompom is pink.


You can choose up to 7 letters not including the heart. The hearts will come on the keychain automatically unless you state you don't want one. You can also say what color heart you want. I cannot give you all one color of letter beads, they will be mixed colors. 


If you need more than 7 letters you will need to send me a note for a custom order.


Keychains come in a organza drawstring bag.


Gift Boxes Available

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Handmade Beaded Tassel,Pompom, Personalized Name Keychains with Angels

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