This is a cute Silver or Copper Hammered Cross. You can use it as a necklace in birthstone colors or other colors I added. You could also hang it in your rearview mirror and the cross will be sideways. That's such a popular look right now.

For the silver hammered cross I will use silver chain and for the copper I will use copper chain and matching metals lobster claws.


The necklace is 18" chain with beads, cross and chain.

To see how far this will hang around your neck take a ruler and a piece of string and measure to 18" on the string then cut it and tie it into a knot and lay it on the ruler to see if it is 9" now. Then put it on your neck or in your car and see if that works for you. 


I used Swarovski Crystal clear beads and your choice of colored beads. I used round beads for the accent in the front of the necklace.


I also have square beads you can have instead of the round accent beads in the front of the necklace. There is an extra charge for the square bead accent.


Available in all birthstone colors including Black, Orange, Teal and Yellow, Rose, Turquoise


Birthstone Colors












Blue Zircon-December 


These make lovely gifts for Birthday's, Christmas, Anniversary, Graduation, Religous, Christian Gifts.


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The suncatcher comes in a cute organza drawstring bag.


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Hammered Silver or Copper Cross Swarovski Crystal Beaded Necklace Custom Colors

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