These are so cute! Halloween and Skull Chunky Bubblegum Beads, Pumpkins, White Pumpkin Face, Orange Pumpkin Face! too cute!

Every pen comes with a velvet pen sleeve and extra ink.


Choose the style you wish by looking at the sample photo and choosing the  1-2-3-4-5-or 6 the numbers are in yellow and your choice is left to right.

See Sample Photos

Choose From 

#1 White Pumpkin Head, Swarovski Crystal Large Clear Bead, Crystal Studded Bling Rondelle Bead.

#2 Black Skull Bead Head, White Crystal Bead, Crystal Studded Bead, Spider Web Large Bead

#3 Black Rose Bead, Orange Skull Head, Black Large Bead with Pumpkins

#4 Orange Head Skull Bead, Black Rose Bead, Orange and Black Plaid Bead, 

#5 White Rose Bead, Black Skull Bead, Crystal Rondelle Bead, Spider Web Bead

#6 Orange Crystal Bead, Silver Bead with Loop for Tassel, White Pumpkin Head Bead, Orange Pumpkin Head Bead, Crystal Rondelle Bead


Makes a perfect amazing gift for yourself or friends. Buy 2 because you will wish you had! I give these to family and friends and my hairdresser. Everyone loves them!


USPS First Class Mail

USPS Priority Mail Available for Extra Charge


Gift Boxes Available

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