8" Long Guardian Angel Silver Shade Crystal AB Angel Suncatcher Car Charm, Window Crystal Silver Bells Wedding Crystal, Anniversary.

Beautiful Rare Color... Crystal Silver Shade by Swarovski.

What's Special about this beautiful angel, made with Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Silver Shade Pendant and Silver Shade and Crystal AB beads. Silver shade is a beautiful shimmery effect.

Great Angel for Anyone......Guardian Angels are Great Gifts, this one is great for super sparkle and Wedding or Anniversary Gifts or for yourself and others just because you love angels or because you/someone you love had a loss of someone they love, celebration of a new baby especially the pink or blue Angels are excellent for those baby gifts.
Whatever the reason everyone loves angels.

Long Styles Available on another page. See link to the right of this page.

Guardian Angel Silver Shade Crystal Suncatcher Window Car Charm

SKU: SilverShadeAngel
  • Hang in your car rearview mirror or sunny window in your home for major refraction's! imagine waking up each day to 

    Made with a Strass 40mm Silver Shade Crystal Pendant the Swarovski Crystal Logo is visible through the crystal, (See Photos) this shows the authenticity that it is a Swarovski Crystal. Also made with Silver Shade Crystal AB Strass Lily Octagons, both the crystal pendant and 6 octagon beads are logo etched by Swarovski. The halo is a Swarovski Crystal Silver Crystal Studded Halo.
    The strand is made with Swarovski Crystal Diamond Shaped Silver shade beads and Crystal AB Beads.
    The angel itself is about 2 1/2" long. With beads and Angel 8" long total.

    About Crystal AB What is it?
    What is AB beads? (Aurora Borealis) and it's one of the most popular Swarovski® crystal coatings. It gives off a beautiful shimmering rainbow, or mother-of-pearl effect. These special coatings are bonded chemically to the outer surface of the Swarovski® crystals for a more brilliant effect.

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