Edleweiss Crystal Flower Necklace or Earrings or Jewelry Set Resembles Snowflake

Edleweiss Crystal Flower Necklace or Earrings, Resembles Snowflake. Well it's not really a snowflake but it looks like one to me. It's really the Edleweiss Swarovski Crystal Flower! So beautiful. I am offering it as earrings or a beautiful necklace.


~Earrings are on Silver Peanut Wires, they are 2.2" long with the flower, the necklace is a sterling silver chain with the flower and the bail is a stering silver leaf. The sterling silver chain is 18" with the flower the length is 9 1/2".


~Available in earring set only, necklace only or the complete jewelry set. or you can purchase the flower crystal alone.~


~About this flower~

The flowers name derives from the German word Edlewieb, which is a compound of edel, "nobel" and wieb "white".

In Romania it is known as"Floare de colt" which means Cliffhanger Flower

The flower is referred to as "Stella Alpina" in the Italian speaking Alps and

"Etoile des Aples" in the French Alps, both meaning star of Alps.


~~Crystal AB Explained~~
***About Crystal AB What is it?***
What is AB beads? (Aurora Borealis) and it's one of the most popular Swarovski® crystal coatings. It gives off a beautiful shimmering rainbow, or mother-of-pearl effect. These special coatings are bonded chemically to the outer surface of the crystals for a more brilliant effect.


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The suncatcher comes in a cute organza drawstring bag. Makes a perfect amazing gift! 

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Edleweiss Crystal Flower Necklace or Earrings or Jewelry Set Resembles Snowflake

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