Imagine waking up each morning to a beautiful Swarvoski Crystal Suncatcher that captures the sun light and refraction's of the crystals and dance about the kitchen or other area of your home or even your car..... what a great way to start the day! 

7 1/2" Original Swarovsksi Crystal Heart in Light Sapphire Blue. 

#1 Choose the blue theme Cluster shown Main Photo
#2 Rainbow Theme Cluster, which is made up of 7 colors, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet-Rainbow Theme Shown over another Heart Photo #4
# 3 Option Crystal AB Beads Cluster Shown over Another Heart Photo #4

These are made one at a time by me, they are not made up ahead of time each one is custom made for you! These are great gifts for a New Baby, Something Blue, Weddings, Love, Birthday, Anniversary, Baby Girl. I can make this same size heart in another color with a custom order.

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What's special about this sun catcher? it is made with gorgeous Sapphire Blue Heart.
Crystal AB Beads are super special because they give off a shimmery effect and are very refractive. And most importantly it's made with the finest crystals in the world!

My suncatcher designs have been made with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements and Xilion Heart with with cut facets for amazing sparkle. I make them one at time of order, they are not made ahead of time and are handmade by me.

Swarovski Crystal 28mm Crystal Sapphire Blue Heart and Swarovski Crystal Beads 100% Authentic Swarovski Crystals Used!
The cluster over the heart is made up of Strass Octagon Swarovski Crystals over the top are round and bicone/diamond shaped beads in matching colors. The bail for the heart is made out of tiny diamond shaped Crystals and a smooth sterling silver bead. 
The beading wire is silver pearl beading wire which is kink free and very attractive and strong and top quality professional quality. A silver lobster claw is attached and you just open the lobster claw and install it behind your rearview mirror or hang it in your home in your favorite place.

These make gorgeous window or car crystal suncatchers you can also hang them on your patio, in your garden, or in a sunny window by the sea. No sunny window by the sea? that's okay they will hang in a beautiful sunny kitchen window just as well. 

I use only Authentic Swarovski Crystals! the finest crystals in the world.

Beautiful Gift for Mother's Day, Christmas, Love, Romance, Valentine's Day, Weddings, Just Becasue and so much more!


Suncatchers come in organza drawstring bags.


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Aqua Sapphire Blue Rainbow Crystal Heart Car Charm Window Crystal

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