This Skull Bead is Great! I love the color. I am not a skull fanatic, but the bead is really really cool. I purchased these when they first came out, then I moved and never got to making anything with them or putting them for sale online. Everyone I know that loves skulls finds them to be very fascinating beads. 

I have taken the pendant bead and turned it into a sun catcher. This is the larger one, not the earring size, so it's not going to be a cheap as the smaller size. Also this is Rose Gold 2x the most expensive of the Swarovski Crystal Skull Beads.

On the sun catcher strand is Swarovski Crystal 19mm Skull Bead, Rainbow, different sizes and shapes of Hematite Beads, and beautiful Rose Gold Swarovski Crystals, another bead that is more expensive than other Swarovski Crystals. Rose Gold is always going to be a bit more pricey. The Hematite beads are good quality beads. They are magnetic.  

(((You will get rainbows dancing about with this sun catcher))) 

People with a Pacemaker should not purchase this product.

The length of the sun catcher is 8 1/2" long and has a silver chain and lobster claw so you can put it on your rearview mirror. 

I have many other colors available and can a sun catcher with any color I have available. 

Beautiful Gift for Mother's Day, Christmas, Love, Romance, Valentine's Day, Weddings, Infant Loss, Memorial Gifts, Crystal Gifts, Birthdays and More.
The suncatcher comes in a cute organza drawstring bag. Makes a perfect amazing gift!

Swarovski Crystals are the finest crystals in the world. 

About then Hematite Beads
AAA Grade Magnetic Hematite Beads with super high polish. 

They contain Magnetite —a natural Ferromagnetic Mineral. Magnetite is a heavy, semi-metallic gemstone, valued for its magnetic properties. Since raw Hematite (Iron Oxide) cannot be permanently magnetized, magnetized Hematite is actually a mineral composite including ground natural Hematite and small amounts of other natural minerals. This composite is much easier to magnetize and form into detailed shapes. The same basic chemical composition of Iron Oxide remains, thus Magnetic Hematite or Magnetite has the benefits of natural hematite and can be used as magnetic therapy beads.

The suncatcher comes in a cute organza drawstring bag. Makes a perfect amazing gift! 


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8 1/2 Rose Gold Skull Rainbow Car Charm Suncatcher

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