100% top quality Swarovski Crystals used to create beautiful crystal rainbow sun catchers!
Made to order. Handmade Item.

I used to think people only liked snowflake sun catchers during the winter, but it's winter somewhere in the world and some people just love snowflakes no matter what the season is....These are so pretty and make wonderful gifts and rainbow makers all year long. Imagine waking up each day to beautiful rainbows in your car or home!

7" Long Rainbow Crystal Snowflake Suncatcher

14 Swarovski Crystal Octagon Strass Logo Etched Beads topped with a Swarovski Crystal AB Pave' Ball Size 8mm Fancy.

About the Pave' Round Swarovski Crystal AB Bead-

Swarovski's AB effect, named for aurora borealis (the northern lights), is a term for crystal stones that have a highly iridescent surface. Created by Swarovski in 1955 in collaboration with Christian Dior, the effect is achieved by vapor blasting the facets of the lower part of the crystals with an invisible, micro-thin metal sheet.

Really pretty large 35mm Clear Snowflake Car Charm, Ornament or Home Decor Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher. 

Made with Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Beads 100% From Top to Bottom.

What a pretty gift for your favorite people....

Look for other colors such as rainbow and more in my shop!

~~Optional Color Choices Available in my Store~~


Beautiful Gift for Mother's Day, Christmas, Love, Romance, Valentine's Day, Weddings, Just Becasue and so much more!

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The suncatcher comes in a cute organza drawstring bag (May Not Be the Exact One Shown). Makes a perfect amazing gift! 


Have a Spraky Day! God Bless! ~Kat

7" Swarovski Crystal Christmas Winter Snowflake Suncatcher Fancy Pave Ball

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