8" Long Large 50mm Crystal Clear Moon Rainbow, Rainbows, Suncatcher, Sun Catcher, Hanging Crystal, Window Crystal, Rearview Mirror Car Charm.
This is a Double Rainbow 8" Long Car Charm Ornament for Home or Car. Longer Lengths Upon Request.

My Suncatchers are handmade one order at a time. Imagine waking up each morning to beautiful rainbows dancing across your kitchen, living room, bedroom or car. I love watching the rainbows dance about the room, the pets and kids do as well. It's fun, it's beautiful. This is a unique fun gift to give to family and friends.

Another Moon Suncatcher can be located in my Sun/Moon/Stars Section in Blue Theme. Customers have told me it is more beautiful in person. That is very true! My friend tells me her grandkids love the rainbows that clear crystals set off. They get so excited by all the refractions and rainbows and want to get into the car to see the refractions and rainbows dance all about.

Star Moon Bead Optional.

50mm Crystal Clear Moon Rainbow Suncatcher

SKU: RainbowMoonSC
  • Swarovski Crystal Big 50mm Crystal Clear Moon - Hang in your rearview mirror 8" Long, made with Silver Pearl Beading wire and a hook to easily install it behind your rearview mirror. The center beads are Lilly Octagons 14 of them in a rainbow of colors. 3 Swarovski Crystal balls at the top in various sizes. All Crystals used are 100% Swarovski Crystals. Strass Logo Etched. Suncatcher comes in a drawstring bag. 


    Longer Lengths Made Upon Request with Extra Beads or a strand of clear beads over the top of the Cluster Beads. Request a Special Order for that style. Thanks

    If you would like to choose your own colors of beads here are the colors available. Red, Pink, Violet, Blue Violet, Dark Green, Peridot Green, Antique Green, Blue, Clear, Dark Gold, Light Gold. Please add your colors below in the drop down box, starting top to bottom. You Choose 14 Bead Colors and write it in the write your own colors box.

    ---IMPORTANT NOTE About Colored Top Beads Over The Cluster---
    **The three round faceted beads on the moon will change from one sun catcher to another. I use the colors that are in my bead box. If you have preferred colors, you can also let me know about those at checkout--however the center bead will be clear, you can choose any colors you want for the other top beads. if I don't have them in the round I will use a diamond shape beads. They will be graduating sizes as shown. The colored round beads are not always available. 

    Suncatcher comes in a drawstring Bag. Makes a wonderful gift for you, family or friend!

    Check out my Crystal Suncatcher Videos.

    Have a Sparkly Day! Blessings ~Kat