☆---Beautiful 5 Clover Suncatcher---☆
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6 1/2" long sun catcher with beads.
Fern Green Swarovski Crystal Clover Suncatcher for your car or hang it wherever you like.
The crystal clovers are heart shaped, so pretty with lots of beautiful Swarovski Crystal sparkly beads and the clovers are graduating, 3 smaller, mid size and larger. The three smaller ones are in the following colors-Peridot Green, Crystal AB, Emerald Green and Focal Clover is Moss Green, 19mm.

☆Strung on 49 strand beading wire. Strong and secure.

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☆--- waking up every day with rainbows dancing about your kitchen, living room, bedroom! Be sure to let the sun in and the rainbows from this suncatcher will dance about the room for you!---☆

☆ Information About this Crystal AB Beads☆
Swarovski's AB effect, named for aurora borealis the northern lights, is a term for crystal stones that have a highly iridescent surface, such as Crystal AB. Created by Swarovski in 1955 in collaboration along with the fabulous iridescent surface, this Swarovski drop are incredibly faceted for fabulous sparkle.

☆All Beads Used are 100% Swarovski Crystal Beads, finest crystals in the world. I have seen a lot of crystals in my time and nothing compares to Swarovski Crystal.

Beautiful Gift for Mother's Day, Christmas, Love, Romance, Valentine's Day, Weddings, Just Because and so much more!

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Suncatcher comes in an organza drawstring bag
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Blessings ~Kat

5 Clovers Suncatcher Car Charm Window Crystal, Shamrock, 4 leaf Heart Clover

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