14" Large Rainbow Crystal Snowflake Suncatcher, Home Decor, Sun Room or Home Decor Hanging Crystals, Many Colors.
Choose your own colors from the drop down list. Some color combos are suggested besides all clear.
Here are some more ideas besides ideas I have put in the drop down list.
----Clear/Pink/Violet/Purple Indigo-----Clear/Pink/Light Blue Sapphire----Clear/Pink/Dark Sapphire Blue---

14" Long Sparkly Window Crystal Snowflake Suncatcher for Home

  • 100% top quality Swarovski Crystals used to create beautiful crystal rainbow sun catchers!
    14" Long which makes it perfect to hang in your home or office.

    I used to think people only liked snowflake sun catchers during the winter, but it's winter somewhere in the world and some people just love snowflakes no matter what the season is....These are so pretty and make wonderful gifts and rainbow makers all year long. 
    Imagine waking up each day to beautiful rainbows dancing about your kitchen, car, Christmas tree or hanging from your favorite sunny spot. When you buy Swarovski Crystal Handmade Suncatchers from me you can have beautiful rainbows every single day! Life is hard, make it a little brighter and bring the rainbows in as the refractions dance about. You will love it.

    How pretty crystal clear Rainbow Maker Snowfalke Crystal Suncatcher to hang in your home, Sun Room, Home, Sunny Window. Perfect hanging crystals to decorate your home and bring you lots of Rainbows. Made With 

    Made with lots of pretty clear Swarovski Crystal Strass Octagon beads for the cluster, diamond shaped Swarovski Crystals and other shapes of Swarovski Crystals with silver accent beadcaps. I used Silver Pearl Beading Wire that is non kink and gorgeous and strong. 

    Choose your own colors! ---------------------> click the drop down box on the right of this page and select your own colors. Or choose from the list some suggestions and then I have typed above some suggestions that do not fit in the drop down box. You can copy and paste those into the CUSTOM COLORS BOX, or CHOOSE YOUR OWN COLOR COMBO.

    A Rainbow if you are interested in a Rainbow is 7 Colors, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo Purple, and Violet.
    The suncatcher comes in a drawstring bag.

    I use only Authentic Swarovski Crystals! the finest crystals in the world.

    Look for other colors such as rainbow and more in my shop!

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    Have a Sparkly Day! Blessings ~Kat

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