I am a proud daughter to a military father.... I love making patriotic suncatchers!- Great Gift for Military Family

Be patriotic...be proud...show your pride with a gorgeous suncatcher. Give to your favorite soldier or military family. Makes a great gift.  

This is a beautiful Large 40mm Star about 1 1/2". 

Start creating rainbows today! 
This is a Beautiful Creation to hang in your rearview mirror car or home.
Swarovski Crystal's Sun catchers capture the sun light and refraction's of the crystals and dance about the kitchen or other area of your home or even your car..... what a great way to start the day!

10 1/2" Stars Stripes Large Swarovski Crystal Blue Star Patriotic Suncatcher

SKU: StarsStripesStar40mm
  • Large 40mm Swarovski Crystal Strass Logo Etched Blue Star. 40mm size is 1 1/2" all around.

    (You can see the Logo in the second photo through the star at the top). 40 beads in various sizes and shapes. 100% Swarovski Crystals used. Two Stars in Red and Crystal AB placed at the top, unfortunately Swarovski does not make the red star yet hopefully soon, so I have placed a red diamond shaped bead there in place of the red star I hope to see soon! Been waiting years for the siam red star. Other crystals are Square, Red, Blue and Clear, Strass Octagons Red, Blue, Clear, Clear Diamond Shaped Beads. 
    Pewter beads also used for accent beads. Strung on strong beading wire with a hook at the top for hanging wherever you like. 10 1/2" long with round hook and star. 


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