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We could really use some rainbows in our lives right now. Send your family and friends some rainbows too, brighten their day with a little or big surprise!
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Put a little sparkle in your day with Hanging Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Suncatchers for Car or Home. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall are all a great time for Rainbows!

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I just started adding customer comments again, see what others are saying. I encourage you to send your comments on my products so share with others. I do not have an actual comment board because so far I have not found a decent one to add to my site. Until the I do it the old fashioned way. Click here to read them. I took about a year and half off and just started making my jewelry and suncatchers again this winter. I had moved out of one state to and it was a very busy time for us. I missed making my creations and I am excited to share with you everything I made this year! Start shopping click here.


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Build a Snowman

There are 7 colors in the Rainbow....

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet


What is the outermost color in a primary Rainbow?


red is the outside and violet is the inside


I love Rainbows, the Sun, Moon and Stars and yes even Puffy Fluffy Clouds Make Me Happy!

I hope that you will find something you love and know that it is being created with great love by me............


Here is what you'll find

Authentic swarovski crystal prism rainbow suncatchers beautiful beaded designs, in every color in the rainbow.... hang in home, car, patio or kitchen, a window by the sea.

Suncatchers have lots of refractions and rainbows, especially with the Prism and Crystal (AB) Aurora Borealis.

Crystals reflect the mood of magic, bring some rainbows into your life. My Suncatchers were featured in the 2008 Women's World Magazine. My suncatcher designs have been made with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements and Strass Logo Etched Prisms By Swarovski.


Thanks for visiting me today....have a Sparkly Day! ~Kat




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